Dunbar Harder, PLLC offers the opportunity to develop legal skills in a stimulating, international environment. The firm provides immigration and nationality legal services to some of the world’s largest, most prestigious companies requiring the global movement of their personnel. Clients also include families, entrepreneurs, scientists, and other creative individuals. This sophisticated clientele creates a workplace that constantly challenges us to develop our skills and learn more about both our area of law and the world around us.

The firm balances a very serious approach to the delivery of superior legal services with a relaxed work environment. A collegial office atmosphere is encouraged in a supportive, non-competitive setting. Both attorneys and paralegals routinely share information about best practices and solutions. Individuals have great autonomy to organize their day. At the same time, attorneys work closely with paralegals as guides and mentors. Questions are encouraged as one of the on-going means by which both attorneys and paralegals are able to further develop their knowledge.

The team structure of the firm’s organization is designed to allow us to consistently provide superior legal services while developing our knowledge and skills. Most attorneys and paralegals find that their writing skills significantly improve, becoming clearer and more precise.

Generally, when hiring paralegals we find that previous experience with immigration and naturalization law is always a plus. However, the firm provides training to promising individuals who are genuinely interested in immigration law and motivated to be the best in their field. Initial training takes place both during the first few days of employment and periodically as skills increase. New paralegals are assigned a mentor to function both as a resource for answers to questions and as an on-going instructor.

Dunbar Harder, PLLC encourages interested persons to make inquiries about career opportunities. Please go to our Contact us form to connect with our HR Department