DH offers in-house training and education in immigration law for clients. Seminars and Training featured image This includes in-house seminars providing orientation for new employees, updates on immigration law developments and resource information for international employees. These training and educational programs are provided at no cost to clients. We provide three distinct types of training and educational programs.

Training for In-house Immigration Specialists

We provide personalized in-house training to employees responsible for coordinating immigration services. We encourage using the in-house training offered by DH to review legal trends, developments and emerging compliance program “best practices” that may affect the transfer of key personnel to the U.S. or the hiring of alien workers as local employees.

Training for In-house Immigration Specialists, Recruiters, Legal Staff and Others

Issues affecting the recruitment of alien workers from universities in the U.S. or lateral hires from other employers are different from those involving transfers of key employees from affiliates abroad. As a result, recruiters, legal staff and others within a company often encounter issues that are impacted by immigration law. Since these workers often do not have immigration compliance as their primary function, leaving the office for a seminar on immigration law is not always practical or desirable. For this reason, we offer in-house educational programs that provide an overview of the immigration process, identify emerging trends and explain how the company may be impacted by expected developments.

Related issues include performing self-audits of immigration law compliance programs. These include Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, H-1B compliance and Alien Labor Certification program compliance. Performing a self-audit of Form I-9 compliance, for example, serves to identify systemic problems and resolve them before a government audit results in potential civil fines. Maintaining a current, effective and comprehensive immigration compliance program is essential given the aggressive law enforcement policies currently being pursued by government regulators.

Educational Seminars for Alien Intracompany Transferees and Alien Local Employees

Alien employees often have many questions about their rights and responsibilities as a foreign person living in the United States. These questions often involve issues such as employment eligibility for a spouse or child, driver’s license issues, educational opportunities for children and the permanent residency (“green card”) process. To address these questions and concerns we offer in-house seminars to discuss issues in immigration law with the affected alien employees. The in-house seminar allows alien workers to raise their concerns directly with an attorney.