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Dunbar Harder, PLLC is a Houston based immigration law firm providing effective immigration solutions for businesses and individuals. The law firm is committed to providing world class legal solutions in an attentive, conscientious environment.

We welcome your interest in our law firm and are fully prepared to provide you with solution oriented immigration legal services.

Immigration Solutions

Achieving effective immigration solutions requires representation by experienced legal counsel. Effective legal representation demands not only mastery of the law and procedures, but also awareness of and ability to interpret trends affecting immigration policy.

Immigration policy in the United States is shaped by competing influences including economic, social, demographic and security factors. The current focus by U.S. government agencies on security concerns impacts international business operations by slowing the movement of talent and intellectual capital into the United States. The inherent tension between the openness required for business to flourish and the restrictions required for security has yet to be resolved. Consequently, businesses in need of transferring human resources to the United States must adapt to the current security environment.

Adaptation, in this context, requires implementation of certain steps. Greater lead times must be built into planning the movement of personnel. It is now essential to begin the mechanics of the visa application process early in the business planning cycle.

The immigration needs of each company and individual are unique. We encourage our clients to schedule a meeting with our attorneys to map out a global strategic plan to identify cost effective solutions for their immigration requirements.

What Sets Us Apart

Dunbar Harder, PLLC provides immigration legal services through a team of outstanding professionals including senior attorneys, associate attorneys, legal assistants and administrative assistants. Since most of the firm’s services are billed on a fixed fee basis, adding personnel to a project enhances the speed and efficiency with which the service is delivered without increasing the cost to the client. Utilizing this team approach, we quickly and efficiently provide the documents needed by clients on time or ahead of schedule.

Team Approach

Utilizing our team approach to providing immigration legal services, we ensure continuous access to our immigration expertise and judgment while minimizing the cost of services to clients.

Cost Effectiveness

Dunbar Harder, PLLC builds cost effective immigration solutions for clients based upon their particular needs. Whether our client is a multinational corporation or an entrepreneurial enterprise, we identify the immediate and long-term immigration objectives and find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Strong Relationships

Successful business relationships are based on successful personal relationships. Business relationships flow most smoothly when we work in a collaborative environment with a company’s Human Resources and Legal Department representatives to obtain immigration benefits, develop compliance programs and identify optimal solutions to legal issues.