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Dunbar Harder, PLLC provides customized legal advice and services to companies in the Houston area, throughout the United States and around the world. We take pride in our ability to understand and appreciate the values, business practices and objectives of corporate and individual clients from a variety of industries and cultures.

We provide comprehensive immigration legal services, including:


  • Visitor (B-1/B-2) Visa Classification
  • Employment-based Nonimmigrant Classification:
    • Treaty Trader (E-1)
    • Treaty Investor (E-2)
    • Australian Specialty Worker (E-3)
    • Specialty Worker (H-1B)
    • Chile and Singapore (H-1B1)
    • Agricultural and Temporary Worker (H-2A & H-2B)
    • Trainee (H-3)
    • Exchange Visitor Trainee (J-1)
    • Intracompany Transferee (L-1)
    • Extraordinary Ability (O-1)
    • Professional Athlete (P-1)
    • TN NAFTA
  • Employment-based Immigrant Classification:
    • EB-1 Extraordinary Ability
    • EB-1 Multinational Manager
    • EB-2 National Interest Waiver
    • EB-2 Exceptional Ability
    • EB-2 Advanced Degree Professional
    • EB-3 Skilled Worker
    • EB-3 Professional Worker
    • EB-3 Professional Athlete
    • EB-5 Employment Creation
  • Naturalization and Citizenship
  • Maintenance of Permanent Resident Status, including Re-entry Permits
  • Family Based Immigration
  • Seminars and training
  • Compliance and enforcement assistance
  • Form I-9 Audits